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Atlas has over a decade of successfully placing candidates and filling open positions for clients. There are many benefits to be gained by using Atlas Recruiting.

In the past, it was the newspapers and trade press’s which led the way to many companies filling their vacancies - this is not the case today. In recent years, the internet has become such a powerful medium for advertising that it seemed logical the job market would become interactive as well.

Good candidates do not stay as active jobseekers for very long and quality candidates will not read the job pages and visit online job boards. Atlas takes a proactive approach to finding and recruiting the most qualified candidates. It is this proactive approach that will make the difference in finding the elite candidates for to fulfill our clients’ needs.

When a candidate becomes an employee, it is a time for positives to come through from both sides. Should a candidate accept a position where the offer stage has been protracted or they have felt they undersold themselves, this can lead to resentment and negativity early in their employment.

The same can be said in reverse; an employer taking someone on and paying too much for this individual can cause tension with existing employees and lead to conflict or more financial pressure on a business than is needed.

Atlas will manage expectations by working with both parties to remove these concerns so that when a candidate becomes an employee, the relationship is both professional and positive from the outset.  A good recruiter should be willing to work with both parties to advise clients if they are looking for a skill set that does not match the budget they have.  In addition, testing candidates and advising if someone’s expectations of their skills are too high for what their market can currently bear. At Atlas, we make sure to communicate with all parties to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Atlas Recruiting did a great job of helping place me with a strong company with more growth and promotion opportunity than my current employer. Throughout the interview and negotiation process he was helpful, quick to return calls and a source of valuable advice. I strongly recommend Atlas for those either looking for new opportunities or looking to fill those roles.

~ University Business Professor

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