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Why Partner with Atlas Recruiting?

Benefit #1 - Ease of finding employees. Atlas makes hiring employees easier. Atlas identifies potential candidates in the labor force, then filters them through an intense interview process and sends only the cream of the crop to your company. You won’t have to experience headaches after sifting through hundreds of resumes and ending up with people who only look capable on paper.

Benefit #2 - Save more money. Instead of paying ridiculously high prices just to circulate ads through newspapers, television and other forms of media to advertise for applicants and spending more money in human resources to filter various resumes and applicants received, companies can merely pay the services with Atlas and receive the best qualified employees for their positions. If you put the prices paid for ads and human resources against the fees paid for recruitment agencies, you will see just how much money you will save.

Benefit #3 - Save more time. Paying an agency fee entitles you to receive qualified applicants that have been pre-screened, versus reviewing and screening numerous applicants that come from posting various ads in different forms of media. However, the aspiring job applicants that you will receive are assured to have the best skills for the specific job opening. Unlike job opening ads wherein you have to read every single resume sent in, our client chooses from the pool of potential hires that are specifically selected for the current opening and thus are assured to possess the skills needed.

Atlas Recruiting is making a mark in the industry by providing only the best employees and workers for various companies.



Atlas Recruiting has been my go-to company for technical and management recruiting for over 10 years. They have demonstrated time and again an understanding of the requirements (often unique) and the kinds of talented, self-empowering people that I look for. They are a pleasure to work with. I’ve probably hired 10 or so people that the company has presented.

~ CEO of Research and Development Division

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