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Recruiting LeadershipLeadership

As experts in organizational development and change management, Atlas guides our clients through successful leadership transitions and additions. Our comprehensive talent management and on-boarding programs keep organizations vibrant and thriving. Working side-by-side with our clients, we provide the assistance your particular organization needs to create a high-performance leadership team.

Recruiting ExperienceExperience

Atlas Recruiting’s management team possesses a wealth of industry experience.
Our managing partners have led successful sales and marketing teams in highly competitive environments and have long-term personal and professional relationships that provide quality Manufacturing market information and exceptional, well-referenced candidates.

Supporting the management team are professionals from all aspects of Manufacturing, Distribution and Engineering fields.



We provide consistent feedback and continued communication. We save you time by pre-qualifying and referencing candidates, assuring a good fit with your organization before they are presented for interview. We manage candidate expectations and communicate with both clients and candidates to ensure technical and cultural fit, and high acceptance rates.

Recruiting SuccessSuccess

The job market has become extremely competitive in virtually all industries. Nowadays, it is very hard for employers to find qualified candidates. Because of the increased competitiveness, only the best of the best succeed. Employers look for individuals who cannot only get the job done, but have outstanding performance. We create a win-win environment by providing the best talent for our clients as well as the best careers for our candidates.